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Perforated Cable Trays

Perforated Cable Trays

We offer cable trays, electrical cable trays, GI cable trays, perforated cable trays, hot dip galvanized cable trays, galvanized cable trays, stainless steel cable trays, powder coated cable trays, truncking cable trays, cable raceways, ladder cable trays, cable raceways and cable tray accessories

Hot Dip Galvanized Cable Trays


We Manufacture this Hot Dip Galvanized Cable Trays and we trade, distribute, Sell and supply this Hot Dip Galvanized Cable Trays to all over in India.

Our clients can avail from us hot dip galvanized cable tray. Widely used in electric and automotive industry. These Hot Dip Galvanized Cable Trays have high mechanical resistance. Our range includes cable tray of all sizes, Trenches, Ducts in standards and customized technical specifications.

Unlike other finishes Hot dip galvanized cable trays will have more life, because Zinc protects the base material and gives extra mileage. Generally the coating thickness of Hot dip galvanized cable trays will be 80 TO 100 MICRONS or 610 GRAMS PER SQUARE METER(depends on thickness) and follows IS: 2629,1985&IS 4759. The Zinc used to manufacture this Hot dip galvanized cable trays follows standard IS 209:1979, and the Zinc purity is 99.99%. We use material for Hot Dip Galvanized cable trays as per IS: 10748/IS: 1079/513. Hot dip galvanized cable trays are best suitable even in high moisture area specifically in the coastal areas. These Hot dip galvanized cable trays are made of two types Hot dip galvanized PERFORATED cable trays and Hot dip galvanized LADDER cable trays. Since this Hot dip galvanized cable trays going to be used in the more wind area, we consider wind and external forces.


Stainless Steel Cable Trays

We manufacture high quality Stainless steel cable trays without burrs by using latest technology CNC Machines.  There are variety of Stainless steel grades available, but mainly customer prefers  only two types of material grades  for Stainless steel cable trays.  Stainless steel cable trays are classified into 2 main categories with respect to its chemical properties, namely SS304 Stainless steel cable trays, SS316 Stainless steel cable trays.  These types of Stainless steel cable trays are mainly required in food processing industries, Chemical industries and coastal areas.  We manufacture Stainless steel cable trays in two types i.e.,  Stainless steel PERFORATED cable trays and Stainless steel LADDER cable trays.We also manufacture all type of accessories for Stainless steel cable trays like Bends, Raiser, Intersection, Tees, Reducers etc., to ensure the quality we provide TEST CERTIFICATES  for all  Stainless steel cable trays.   

Perforated Trays

Perforated Trays -PCT01

 Perforated trays are used as the best source for cabling systems.  It is cost, time and labour effective.

Electrical Cable Trays

We manufacture a wide range of industrial specified electrical cable trays, using supreme quality steel. Our range of electrical cable trays is available in diverse sizes, which can further be customized as per our clients’ requirements.

We Manfacture high quality of Electrical Cable trays Product. we manufature of various sizes Electrical Cable trays, also we manufacture Electrical Cable trays fittings and Electrical Cable trays accessories. These Electrical Cable trays are wide ranges of flanges like straight flanges, C type flanges, inside flanges etc. We design and manufacture Electrical Cable trays to suit for differrent atmosphere conditions. We make Electrical Cable trays for Industries to endorse like automobile, manufacturing, IT .

We design and manufacture high quality of Electrical cable tray. We manufacture Electrical cable trays in various sizes. Also we make Electrical cable trays fittings and Electrical cable tray accessories. These Electrical cable tray are of wide ranges of flanges like straight flanges, C type flanges , inside flanges, outside flanges etc., We built Electrical cable tray to suit for different atmosphere conditions. Our Electrical cable tray are designed in such a way to resist the DEFLECTION AND TORSIONAL STRESSES.

Perforated Cable Tray

Perforated Cable Trays will increase cable fill over other wiring methods hence Perforated Cable trays saves material cost and installation labour. Perforated Cable Trays provide significant savings in conductor costs. Perforated Cable Trays takes up LESS SPACE AND REQUIRES LESS LABOUR when compared to conduits and wire systems. Perforated Cable trays allow future cable addition with existing cable systems. Perforated Cable trays allow the installed cable to inspect easily the cable and repaired without total replacement of the original cable run.

Available Finishes:

Ø Stainless Steel – SS

Ø Pregalvanised Steel – PG/GI

Ø HotDip Galvanised - HG

Ø Powder Coating – PC

Ø Epoxy/Enamel Coating- PA


Types of Flanges:

Straight Type, C Type Inside Fold, C Type outside Fold, Return Flange Inside Fold, Return Flange outside Fold

Cable Trays Standard Thickness(Regular Moving):

1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm

Design Factors:

Distributed loads e.g., Cables, Pipes, Point Loads, Thermal Expansion & Contraction, Wind & external forces, Spacing of supports, Safety factors, Deflection.

Powder Coated Cable Tray

We Manufacture this Powder Coated Cable Tray and we trade, distribute, Sell and supply this Powder Coated Cable Tray to all over in India.

We offer a supreme quality assortment of perforated powder coated cable trays to our esteemed patrons. These perforated cable trays are available in different sizes. As per the specifications of the customers, we can offer customization for our range of perforated cable trays. We offer our collection at affordable prices.

This Powder coated Cable trays is not a good conductor of electricity and are most suited for maximum moisture areas  like coastal area .  Powder coated Cable trays will be of 60 MICRONS in coating thickness.   Powder coated Cable trays are used for identification in interiors. We recommend this Powder coated Cable trays only under roof areas not for  the places where the direct  sunlight falls.  Because when Powder coated Cable trays gets heated  starts peeling and fading under high temperature.  Powder coated Cable trays are of SMOOTH  AND APPEALING FINISH.  The Powder coated Cable trays are of two types Powder coated  PERFORATED cable trays and Powder coated  LADDER cable trays.   

Generally Used RAL Colours:

RAL 2023 – Beige, RAL 1003 – Yellow, RAL 3020 – Red, RAL 8014 – Brown, RAL 9003 – White, RAL 7004 – Grey, RAL 5015 – Blue, RAL 6005 – Green


GI Cable Tray

GI Cable Trays -Galvanized Iron is also called as Galvanized and pickled (GP Cable Trays). This type of GI Cable trays are widely used in many sector approximately 70% OF INDUSTRIAL SECTOR use this GI Cable Trays. Normally GI Cable trays has coating thickness of 120 GSM (Grams per Square Meter)

This coating will be performed by the manufacturers themselves like Jindal, Tata, Essar etc.

Since GI Cable Trays has lesser coating thickness perhaps it has lesser life when compared to Hot Dip Galvanized Cable Trays. Perhaps the cost is also comparatively lesser. But this type of GI cable trays will have good surface finish.

Galvanized Cable Trays

Model no.PCT01C

Our range of galvanized cable trays are widely demanded in various industries. These galvanized cable trays are made with premium graded mild steel that is galvanized. Our ladder type trays have two longitudinal side rails connected by rungs. As per the client demand, we can offer our range in various specifications.

Special Perforated Cable Tray

Special Perforated Cable Tray are used for enhance the interior conditions.

GI Raceways

GI Raceways are widely used in the area where the electrical system to be concealed it provides the physical pathway for the cables running inside. GI Raceways protects the cables from moisture and atmospheric debris. GI Raceways are most suited for running the signal cables GI Raceways are treated as a important component in designing of complex data centres and servers.

Trunking Cable Tray

We Manufacture this Trunking Cable Tray and we trade, distribute, Sell and supply this Trunking Cable Tray to All over india.

Trunking cable tray
is simply a bridge-like structure that carries electrical and data cable throughout a project. Truncking cable tray is available in a wide variety of materials and finishes designed to match location, load and esthetic requirements. By using tray, all types of wiring can be installed in an efficient, manageable, cost-effective and attractive manner.

Cable Raceways

We are the leading, Manufacture, distributor, supplier and dealer of Cable Raceways in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. We Manufacture this Cable Raceways and we trade, distribute, Sell and supply this Cable Raceways all states in India.

The cable raceways that we manufacture are extensively used in IT industries. These cable raceways are used to carry networking cables and are available in two kinds that are Floor Raceways and Ceiling Raceways. The floor raceways come with dividers that are used to separate the cables. The covers are present in two forms either welded type or screw type.

Embossed Cable Tray

Embossed Cable Tray


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